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[edit] Introduction

BarCampBank is a community of people interested in disruptive innovations in the world of banking and finance.

[edit] Mission

BarCampBank is a community gathered around the mission below:

The aim of BarCampBank is
to foster innovations and the creation of new business models
in the world of banking and finance.

[edit] Life of the Community

  1. BarCamp:BarCampBank -- the canonical wiki of BarCamp for all information concerning next and previous meetings (physical and online).
  2. BarCampBank Google Forum - this is a standard tool for handling posts and having discussion threads over longer period. Do not hesitate to come and participate
  3. LinkedIn Group - join the group if you want to facilitate professional contacts with fellow BarCampBankers
  4. FaceBook Group - join the group if you want to get notifications of special events and get to know other members
  5. Twitter feed - follow BarCampBank on Twitter
  6. Crowdvine Group - join the group if you are using Crowdvine for a local BarCampBank and would like to post more generic messages in this context
  7. Presence on Aboutus - this is a group of barcampbankers participating to Aboutus and representing BarCampBank on this neighbor wiki.
  8. BarCampBank on FractalWiki
  9. Tags on Technorati - a way to find all that has been tagged barcampbank

[edit] The BarCampBank Pyramid

BarCampBank can be seen as a three-level Pyramid:

  1. a place of exchanges - where people interested in innovation in the world of banking and finance can communicate.
  2. a think-tank - where white-papers and structured documents can be produced collaboratively to shed light on the innovations and new business models that technology can create in the world of banking and finance.
  3. an incubator - where innovative projects in the world of banking and finance can find a knowledgeable community and structured thinking to assess their potential and eventually mechanisms helping financing the most promising initiatives.

In this view, each level strongly supports the success of higher ones and the aim of BarCampBank is to grow contributions at every level in an open and active recruitment process toward potential new members.

[edit] Compass

Here a list of interesting pages:

  • Bank & Finance Watch -- a site listing to related external sites, blogs and resources
  • Bank & Finance Open Source -- a page listing open source programs for banking and finance
  • Bankfit innovation and technology blogs of experiences with banks all over the world.
  • ExploraCoeur on FractalWiki - invitation to experiment exploracoeur (a multi-platform #hashtagmoney experience on Twitter) - OpenMoney Workshop in Paris : #exploracoeur in Paris was present at - Please follow @EmanuelGadenne on Twitter for instructions.
  • Main Street Banking -- Conventional brick and mortar banking in various regions worldwide.
  • Banking Remotely -- Technology and capability of banks, credit unions, and building societies that cater to remote users worldwide.
  • P2PMoney - an anchor page for the P2P Money projet

[edit] Other languages

  1. French Branch on
  2. Other languages - please contact us if you want to start a barcampbank community in your own language, we'd setup a wiki for you
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